About Us

Glacida, the magic of glass and the dance of colors..

Inspired by the concepts of "glass" and "idea", Glacida presents the elegance of glass and the power of ideas can come together and turn into a magnificent work of art.

On this path we set out with our experience and passion, we aim to add aesthetics and liveliness to your living spaces by combining the eye-catching structure of glass with the limitlessness of creativity. While providing a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in each of our products, we aim to offer you a quality and original experience by filling your living spaces with character.

We are proud to serve our art worldwide and continue to improve ourselves and our services day by day by keeping customer satisfaction and expectations in our focus. While we prepare each of our products with great care and meticulousness, we offer the highest quality in design and production processes by using the best printing machines in the industry.

Fill your living spaces with art and discover a new story at every glance with Glacida, the combination of all these elements.